cancel excution while its running and move to next alt

hello all, Is there a way in QSO to skip the current alt its running. let say i have a sql which i optimized it at level 5 and it produced about 200 alt…and now when i excute all or selected…i know this one sql is going to take more than 1000+ sec…looking into v$session_longops …and its says it going to take a lot of time…is there a way i can skip that sql (which is already being executed by qso) and move over to next alt ?? or no ?? besides setting a time limt to cancel executino by user defined time…??

At this version we didn’t provide any option to skip alternatives execution, because it may confuse the optimization goal. The only ways to confirm the performance of SQL is execute it in database, and it has better to run as a batch as well.

However we still do a few ways to help cut down the testing time.

To select the execution order with options “Intelligence Order” which is using Gaussian function to group up SQL. It provides a kind sampling method, so, when applied with termination criteria in “Faster alternative”, the SQL will be stopped immediately when there is better performance alternative found.

Tony Ng

The above method of test run termination is only available at version 7.5, if we are talking about the difference version, please ignore it. For version 7.4x there is not way to abort current executing SQL manually. So you may deselect the unwanted scenario before taking ‘Execute Selected’. Other than that, using termination criteria setting also work for it, the most simple way is setting a user defined time.

(By the way, at the version of 7.5 we do great chagne of UI and engine, and it also provides solution for aborting with each scenarios manually.)

Sorry for my misunderstanding

Tony Ng

thank you…you guys do a great job with this. Cant wait for 7.5 to come out which is couple of weeks away…