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Cannot drag & drop a .sql file to Toad anymore?


If you drag a .sql file to Toad, but instead of dropping it on the toolbar section or open editor you accidentally drop it onto the Toad for SQL Server Beta web page section, a message appears:
File Download
Do you want to open or save this file?

If you click Cancel from that point on you will no longer be able to open the original file in Toad via any means whatsoever (not by drag & drop, not by File, Open dialog)!

The file has to be renamed to something else before it can be opened in Toad!

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Hi Darren,

I was able to replicate your case but just want to clarify. Can you open your file if close web page?

Thanks, Julia.


I had not tried closing the web browser tab.

Yes, if I close the web browser tab, and then subsequently drag & drop the file to Toad, then yes, it opens.

Thanks for the work around.