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Cannot end Export to SQL Linked


Connect to a SQL Server on the network.

Select some records.

Now unplug your network cable / disconnect from wireless.

In the result set, right-click, Quick Export, Linked Query to an Excel Instance, Excel Linked Query...

A background process is started, which of course won't be able to finish while you're disconnected, so re-connect to the network.

Expected: that either the background process would finish or would at least error out.

Actual: Background process runs forever.

Expected: that I could click the stop button beside the background process to stop it.

Actual: Stop button does nothing with this particular background process.

Eventual Result: After about 3 hours, Toad Eventually crashed.

Hi Darren,

Thank you very much. I reproduce this issue. And it’s a regression problem, this feature works fine in 6.5. I create TSS-831 for this, We try to fixed this soon.

Best Regards,