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Cannot find OCI DLL


I had to run Oracle Home Selector for one of my other applications. Since I have done that I get this error:
07:06:39 Cannot find OCI DLL: C:\OraHome_1\BIN*.*
in Nav 7.0.
In Nav 6.7 it works fine.

When I ran oracle home selector I did not set it to this path. I do not know where this came from.

I can not even launch session new session to see if I can set the oracle home client setting.


Hi Dale

Is it possible that 6.7 is working with a different Oracle Home.
If your path has changed then the default Oracle home may be different which is why you are getting an OCI error now.

Have a look at the login dialog and try selecting an Oracle client listed and tick the ‘Set as default SQL Navigator Hom/Client’ option

You can compare to 6.7 and see if a specific Oracle client has been set as default.

Hope that helps


I can’t even get that screen to come up. When I select session new session I get this error. My guess would be because the last login is stored and it is trying to setup the defaults. But that is just a guess.


Hi Dale

We may have some issues related to the way we load the Oracle Home.
If you are unable to bring up the logon window, we will need to try and delete your navigator registry, that should reset everything for you.


  • close SQL Navigator
  • go into regedit
  • remove the following directory:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator Beta 7.0.0 Beta

  • Open SQL Navigator again and try to logon to a database again.
  • Also it may be a good idea to compare with 6.7 and see what client it is using if it is not the default one and try the same.



This did not work. All my set defaults were gone (no Biggie). But it now gives the message at start-up (probably because the default to not try to start the last session is not set). There was a second entry in regedit called short cuts I did not delete that one and of course the beta one is back.


Hi Dale,

Do you have a chance to try beta 2732?

If you still have problem with beta 2732, could you help us to run a test in your environment so that we can gather a debug log when SQLNav starts up. We have 2 files for you to download and unzip them to program files (x86)\quest software\sql navigator for oracle beta.

Please run sqlnavigator7.exe in the folder to see if there’s any error on startup. If there’s no error please continue to open logon dialog and connect to database a few times. After testing, please close navigator and get the Nav7CSLog.csl file from C:\User<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.0.0\ and send it to my email