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Cannot make .rtf Report


I can make a report with html extention

But cannot with .rtf

I cannot see anything in “Select Layout” level

How can i make rtf report?


Hi Seungyeon,

To my regret, we are not able to simulate the problem. There should be two check boxes displayed in the “Select layout” level.

Please make sure you work with the latest BETA version - (click Help | About to see the information about File version).

Also, try to restart the application and generate RTF report for sample model and new model and let me know if the problem appears everytime.

Thank you.



My TDM version is

and i can see two check boxes but no other things

i can see preview of the report for html report

But nohting for the .rtf report except two buttons

and even click, nothing happened

Thank you


Hi Seungyeon,

I’ve created a simple movie that shows all steps of the RTF report generation. This is how it should work. Please let me know what’s wrong or where the difference is.

Thanks in advance!

Vaclav (399 KB)