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Cannot modify procedure

we cannot modify procedure which made before for a database using Toad.

but, If we use anoter tool(like orange), we can modify the procedure.

Oracle vendor say ’ this is not oracle issue, ask toad vendor’

we tried the database shutdown even server. the result is same.

How can we do about this issue?

What about other procedures? Could you modify them?

never shutdown a database over issues like this. there are a couple reasons why toad might not allow one to modify a procedure. you might not have the right user privs, the file you opened may be read-only, the procedure may be “check-out” in team coding - meaning it’s locked. toad is a robust and powerful tool - so there are many ways and reasons why something might be occurring. my advice would be to try watching some of our toad videos and/or training courses or blogs and learning how things work. again never ever think that database shutdowns are a solution!