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Cannot press F5 to run script if Toad Insight (intellisense) box is up?


This is driving me nuts, please fix it:
Writing a SQL Script, I finish my statement then Press F5 to run it but it does not run.

Why? Because the Toad Insight (Intellisense) dialog is displayed, and the F5 command is going to it ??? and not running my script…

This is REALLY annoying me. Happens dozens of times per day. Please don’t do that anymore. If someone really wants to refresh the Toad insight list they can grab the mouse and click the recycle button.



Here’s the missing image, that although I did select in the original post did not get saved with Attachmentthe post.


Hi Darren,
sorry to hear it is annoying for you, but we suppose it is ok jus to press ESC to close the dialog it you don’t need it anymore.
Or you still want F5 should close Code Completion window and execute the entire script?


My expectation is that pressing F5 at this point would mean “I’m done with the code completion window and just want to run the script” so yes, close the code completion window and execute the entire script.

Again, I’m really kind of confused as to why F5 would ever mean “refresh the code completion list”. I’m not even sure why there’s a refresh button at the bottom of the code completion window. Isn’t the window “always” current?


We discussed this and agree to change behavior to execute script in this case.

Refresh is needed if you when to luch right at the moment when CC windoe opened and decided to continue code tuning after your lucnh - who knows probably someone decided to work whithout a lunch and changed db structure :wink:

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Just following up. Will this be implemented soon? This is driving me nuts too. At least before you sent it to release version please. Thanks.


Done! Now F5 always executes script, and code completion window is automatically closed if it was opened. As usual, changes will be available in nearest beta.