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can't compare excel file



First of all, merry christmas.
I try to compare two excel files.
And here is the error message I got :

*26/12/2012 14:41:56; Error; Table Reading error.
26/12/2012 14:41:56; Error; ----------------------------------------------- Exception -----------------------------------------------
26/12/2012 14:41:56; Error; System.ArgumentException
26/12/2012 14:41:56; Error; Le tableau en entrée est plus long que le nombre de colonnes de cette table.
26/12/2012 14:41:56; Error; StackTrace : à System.Data.DataTable.NewRecordFromArray(Object[] value)
à System.Data.DataRowCollection.Add(Object[] values)
à Quest.DataCompare.PLExcel.ExcelFlexCell.ExcelFlexCellProviderSheet.LoadTable(DataTable targetTable, Int32 minRow, Int32 minCol, Int32 maxRow, Int32 maxCol)
à Quest.DataCompare.PLExcel.ExcelAnalyzer.GetTable(String TableName, ArrayList m_Columns)
à Quest.DataCompare.PLExcel.ExcelDataReader…ctor(ExcelConnection conn, String query)
à Quest.DataCompare.PLExcel.ExcelCommand.ExecuteReader()
à Quest.DataCompare.PLExcel.ExcelCommand.ExecuteDbDataReader(CommandBehavior behavior)
à System.Data.Common.DbCommand.ExecuteReader()
à Quest.DataCompare.PL.TADataDifference.OpenSecondQuery()
I’m afraid, I don’t understand what it means. I’ve tried to re-save both files, to reduce them, nothing worked.

Thanks in advance, I m’ay attach files if needed.


Can you attach the files?



Try Synkronizer Excel Comparison Tool. Its compare Excel Files within just a few Clicks.