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Can't edit "Text" in Entity/Todo


Using TDM I’m not able to edit the “Text” field in the “To Do” tab of an Entity Properties.
I tried with double-clicking and pressing F2.



Hello Arialdo,

Yes, you have to edit the To Do item and rewrite the text in the Property dialog. Inplace editor is not available for To Dos.




Hi Vladka, thanks for the reply (super quick, as always).

My doubt is: is it a limitation or a feature? What’s wrong in compiling the Text field from “Entity properties”?

When I add a “Todo do” is because I’m usually working on an entity.

I can’t add it with Models/ToDo/Add because that panel doesn’t allow me to specify the Objetc name, which is automatically set to the database name.

Hence, I must use the Entity properties. But I can’t write the text. So, after having created the Todo, I must reopen it with Models/ToDo just to edit the Text.

What am I doing wrong?



Inplace editor is not available for data and text - it is as it works in TDM. Text can be on multiple lines in comparison to a name. Therefore it is not easy to implement such function that would be user friendly and comfortable. I’m sorry.

To your case: If you want to create To Do for a particular object, please do it in Property dialog of the object (tab ToDo). There you can comfortably edit the ToDo and write/edit the text whenever you need.
All ToDos that you create are listed under Model menu | ToDo. There you can also edit the text.
Anyway, you always have to open the ToDo Properties dialog.




Vladka, I just want to apologies.

The fact is I wan’t able to display the “To Do Properties”, which is perfect for my needs.

Don’t ask me why, but double clicking on a To Do item didn’t open that dialog. I restarted TDM and now it’s working.

Please, forget what I wrote: that dialog is exactly what I was asking for.


Hello Arialdo,

Thanks. I’m happy to hear it works fine now.