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Caption and Name for Country, Title, State, etc.

My experience is with List and Values so I am not sure how to translate.

Say I have 44 for United Kingdom, 47 for Norway and so on.

Say I have Mr., Mrs., Miss., Dr. and so on.

So in my world I would have values of 44 and 47 for country code. 1 for Mr, 2 for Mrs, 3 for Miss and so on.

The list would show the text and the values would show the value associated to each list condition.

So how does this translate to caption and name or is it even relevant?

I thought the constraint would generate something in SQL 2012 but my generate shows no domain anything.

If nothing is generated then what is the purpose of the constraint?

Hi Stephan,

I understand that in your example, you have two key:value lists where the keys are the numbers (44, 47, 1, 2…) and the values are the countries or honorifics (Norway, Mr, Mrs…). But I cannot really understand how would you like to use them in your model. Can you clarify that a little bit?