Captions needed for the deaf and hearing impaired on your Online Toad for Oracle Courses

Is it possible to have some kind of captioning options available for the deaf and hearing impaired for your Toad Online classes? I am hearing impaired and wear bilateral Cochlear Implants. I just took and passed the Toad for Oracle Fundamentals Online course, but it would have been easier if there was an option that provides captions for the deaf and hearing impaired. Listening and turning up the volume is not always the best option. And I did use head phones. I am not reading lips here and it does get tiring trying to listen. Cochlear Implants and hearing aids do not give a person 20/20 hearing the way glasses and/or contacts can give a person 20/20 vision. Also, the section on Automation Designer in Chapter 4 of the Toad for Oracle Fundamentals Online course does not work. When I clicked on this section of lesson 4, the lesson for Automation Designer never appeared on my screen. I did try this several times. This does need to be fixed.

Thank you. We will take that suggestion under advisement and work hard to incorporate it. I’m adding it as an idea in the idea forum for Toad for Oracle as well as moving this thread to the Toad for Oracle Forum.