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Capturing the perfmon counters



Perfmon counters that i added as data points when job was running were reflecting as the live feed.

How do i check the perfmon counters value once the job is complete. Does this tool save the counters value or would it just display the live feed?

Save real time counters is checked under advanced option.

Any help is much appreciated.



Yes the real time counters data is stored in the BMF repository with the other statistics for the test execution. You can see the data by viewing the run report for the desired test run


click on the “More Graphs” on the middle of the report page

and scroll down to either the real-time summary or detail graphs. You can show/hide counter data by clicking Customize below the graph

and then the “Click her to Add Datapoints”


or selecting the desired counter from the drop down menu at the top left of the screen.



Thanks a lot Kevin! It was helpful