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Any chance of getting the Card View fixed (or a replacement concept for it)?

A table has hundreds of columns, but only a handful (often only one) record.

When selecting that record, it’s annoying to have to scroll the record left and right to look at those values – and is inefficient use of screen real-estate.Attachment

Instead, I want to see the record pivoted 90degrees – show the columns as rows and the records as columns.

That’s what the card view does, but it’s a horrible implementation because there is no vertical scroll bar. It meets the business requirement if there are only 30 or so columns in the table, but doesn’t meet the requirement if there are more records than that because although you can show additional columns, to see them you have to click the button at the bottom of the control – but if you want to move to the 100th column you have to click the button 70 times if there are already 30 records visible.

What I really want in Toad is an option to right-click in a results pane, go to view, and choose an option like “pivoted results” or “transposed”, and just have them display transposed, with working scroll bars, where the first column that contains the column names is just frozen.




If you had the scrollbar and the “card view,” how would you recommend to cycle through the records (assuming more than one record)? With backward and forward arrows? Or a horizontal slider or push button or something? I could see that being useful.

Out of curiosity, is that 200-column wide item a view? If not, why would you need a table that had 200 columns?


Hi Darren,
thanks for the post. I’ve made CR107485 to see what we cane do here.



In this particular case the person who originally design this “system” table added a column every time they needed a configuration value instead of creating a table of configuration values with names / values.

So this is a 200+ column table with just 1 row.

But there are other examples of very large tables that aren’t configuration tables with the same issue.

To scroll from record to record you move left/right.
The issue is that you cannot scroll vertically.


Thanks for the reply.

Wow. I’m glad I don’t have to maintain that. Good luck to you!