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Case Statement in Where clause


I am having an issue in the where clause case statement of this select. please help me out

it says 00907. 00000 - “missing right parenthesis”

and e.entype = ‘PRT’



when (t.trans_code not in (‘ABDC’))



(smd.user_group_desc3 = ‘12’ and sm.process_sec_type <> ‘OPOPSW’ and nvl(sw.pay_receive_ind, ‘0’) = ‘C’) or

(smd.user_group_desc3 = ‘12’ and sm.process_sec_type = ‘OPOPSW’) or

(smd.user_group_desc3 not in (‘3’, ‘25’, ‘12’)) or

((smd.user_group_desc3 = ‘3’ and (trim(sm.ticker) = td.transaction_notes) or (t.user_char3 = ‘FXO_EXERCISE’ and sm.ticker <> ‘USD’) and e.user_field3 = ‘CASH’)


(smd.user_group_desc3 = ‘3’ and trim(sm.ticker) = td.transaction_notes and e.user_field3 = ‘FUT’

and exists

(select distinct ec.user_float10

from c,

pace_masterdbo.code_values cv,

rulesdbo.entity_extension ec

where c.short_desc = ‘ILFUTURESFXF’

and c.instance = cv.code_inst

and ec.user_float10 = rtrim(cv.short_desc)

and trim(ec.entity_id) = trim(ee.user_char1)))


(smd.user_group_desc3 = ‘25’ and t.trade_currency <> ‘USD’)




and e.user_float5 is not null


I think we really need the full statement to be able to help fully. We’ve no idea what else is before the first line.

Can you repost the full statement? Ta


issue is only with that case statement . if i remove that entire AND clause having Case statement it works fine