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Case Studio file import


Greetings to forum members…
While my beta version is downloading I’m coming from the Case Studio side of the house and I’ve got existing Case Studio models that I’d like to push into Toad. What’s the easiest way to do that? Can they be read directly?



While my beta version is downloading…

Yes, in latest Beta 3.1.6, direct import is possible. Simply launch TDM3, select File | Open and from the Files of Type box, select TDM2 model in binary format *.dm2. Select the CS2 file and simply click Open.

Note: Direct import of TDM2 (CS2) files will be available in next official version 3.1.5 that is planned to be released during the next week.

If you have any questions, please write me back.





Quick update:
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Thank you very much. I rooted around and did as you suggested and it worked. I did have to create a different physical model. We’ve got a project that we were developing via MS Access and it will be taken to MS SQL . After that was done (in Case Studio) the saved model opened in Toad. Everything was available. Thanks again.


Happy to help.