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Categories confusing the Sync&Convert comparison


I’ve assigned all the entities in my model to categories. When I run Sync&Convert to generate an alter script, all the entities are listed as having changed because the source database has no categories. This creates a lot of noise. Since all the entities are listed, I can’t readily see the real differences.

I looked through the Detailed settings under Entities, and while there are a lot of properties listed there, Categories is not one of them. Would any of those properties cause the category to be excluded if unchecked? Or is there any other way?



I understand the problem. At the moment it is possible to disable only the Category object, not the category property under entities (on page Select Object Types).
I will check out this problem with our developers and let you know on Tuesday.

Thanks for your patience.




OK, thanks.

I’ve got another one. I’ll tack it on to this same thread as it is very similar to the Categories problem.

I’ve got a group of tables that do not have primary keys. I found that TDM created empty PKs for these when I created my initial model by reverse engineering. These are named Keyxx where xx is a unique integer.

I’m running Model Update (and I believe the same happens with Sync&Convert) and TDM is creating the same PKs from the source, but the integer value is different from what it initially created. So now, just as with the Category problem, I’m getting false readings because the key names are different.

I’m getting flagged on two properties: PK and Keys. I was able to uncheck the Keys property under Select Object Types to eliminate that flag, but I don’t see any way to eliminate the PK flag. Even if there was a selection to eliminate the false PK, I’m not sure that would be a good idea as it might also eliminate a valid difference.

Ideally, these keys should be excluded by default, especially since they don’t really exist anyway.



Yes. It works as you describe. Via the selection of OTPs, you will affect the list of objects and some properties. Unfortunately, there are still some properties that will not be affected by your OTPs selection. We know about this problem and will work on it.

What you encounter: You clear the Caterory item and Keys item under Entities on page Select Object Types.
Result on page Select Items: Catetories object will not be listed, Keys folder under particular entities will not be listed. But under particular entity, you will see Category property and PK property of the entity. These re the properties that haven’t been affected by the OTPs selection.

The only solution now is to make manual changes on the page Select Items and clear the Action checkboxes for the particular items. - Pretty annonying thing. Anyway, current Beta offers more comfortable way: right-click the model name on the page Select Items | select Wildcard Filter. In the Wildcard Dialog, define the expression that you want to disable for all the items at one jump. See the attached screenshot for Category.

I hope this will help.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team


I had already discovered the wildcard filter and it works nicely, thanks. It doesn’t do anything for my primary issue though, and that is the long list of false readings that make it difficult to find the real differences.

But enough of that. You are aware of the issue and hopefully it will be addressed at some point. Thanks for your help.



If you clear the Keys checkbox under Entities (page Select Object Types) and set up filter for PK in wildcard (page Select Items), doesn’t it help either?

Anyway, I’m happy to inform you that our developers are dealing with this problem at the moment. CR # 70 496. If everything goes fine, there will be some improvements in next version.