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Change column datatype to smallint from int - No changes detected


When using the Object Explorer - Select a Table - View Detail - Columns - Alter Columns. I selected a column which is of int datatype and part of a PK. I needed to change its datatype to smallint. After selecting smallint and pressing OK, the tool says no changes detected and does not alter the column as specified.



Thanks for you feedback, it’s a bug and I have created TSS-1200

We will fix it as soon as possible.




What is the status of this bug? I am still seeing it in the latest version.



This bug TSS-1200 has been fixed. Please try in next Beta.

Best Regards,



We are having a similar problem, and I think it’s the same as this bug.

I’ve simply added a new column to a table at the end of the table. TOAD recognised this and it’s ok. But if I move the new column into the middle of the table (change its position in the table), the program reports “NO CHANGES DETECTED”. This is a serious flaw, that again was working in older versions but suddenly now it doesn’t. Why does Dell programmers keep breaking the program at almost every Beta!? Very frustrating.