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Change to Package not reflected in Program Definition


Using version

I created a test definition for a package and ran some test successfully.

I then changed the data type of a parameter for a function within the package and tried to write another test. This change was not picked up in the existing test definition. When I examined the source in the ‘edit’ facility, the change was recognised. Also, if I re-create the definition the change is picked up.

Is there somewhere else I needed to make the change? I am guessing the package was stored when I initially created the test definition (well done Sherlock!) but would like to be able to add my new test to the existing definition (picking up the change) so I don’t have to overwrite it and lose the tests I have already created.

Please point out my missing of the obvious!



Unfortunately we have not yet implemented any sort of automated synchronization; it is actually quite a challenging task!

In the meantime, you need to open the Test Editor for you program and make the necessary changes manually.

Check the Help document

How do I…
Modify A Test Definition To Match Program Header Changes

That should give you the instructions you need. If not, please post a note on the forum.