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Changing QCTO repository



Is there a way to make QCTO connect to a different repository?
Let’s say there is an enterprise that runs a few different projects each of which has its own QCTO repository. Does one have to install some additional instances of QCTO UI to join some of the repositories or is there a way to use just one instance for different metadata?

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You need to install Code Tester independently on each repository and use export/import to move test definitions between them.




I think there should however be some way to switch between repositories. Maybe in the next version?

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Jaroslaw Tajcher


Sorry, perhaps I was not clear enough.

From your Windows client, you can connect to whatever repository you want. In other words, I might have an instance on my workstation with which I work locally with Code Tester. Then I simply connect to whatever other instance I want over the network and can work with test definitions there.

But the CT repository must be installed on the same instance on which the stored programs you want to test are defined.

Does that help?



Yes, thanks!

I didn’t actually understand the architecture, now it is clear to me. I thought that UI keeps two connections - one to QCT schema to obtain test definitions and store results, the other to Code Schema to run tests. This solution would enable one to run the same test on different database instances (without the need to export/import test definitions between repositories) or even create more than one shared repository on the same database instance. This would be, in my opinion, much more flexible however more difficult to implement.

Thank You for explanation

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