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Changing Tabs


Ok, if you start a long select statement in one tab and then jump to another tab to look at some code, you will be brought back to the first tab when the sql completes.

Now, maybe that’s OK because you could assume that the user wants to know when the query completes, but when you switch back to the second tab, you’re looking at the spool tab instead of the tab you were on. In fact, it creates a new spool tab for you.


Hi Joe

It sounds like you have the preference on to bring spool to front after execution.

You will find it under View\Prefernce\Code Editor\ SQL Scripts\bring to front after execution

If you uncheck this option it will not bring you to the spool, you will remain where you are even when the select finishes executing.

Is this the issue you are describing or is different?



Hi Lidia,

I do not have that setting.

Did you try to duplicate? Shouldn’t be hard to.


Hi Joe

Yes I did try to reproduce but the only way i could was to set the preference to bring spool to front as mentioned in my previous post.

Here are the steps to replicate:

  • In TAB1 : Open a procedure to view or a select statement with data to view in grid
  • In TAB2: run some sql that returns many rows of data, in my case 300K rows of data is being returned
  • While TAB2 retrieves the rows of data I return to TAB1 to view my object. My mouse cursor is in the code editor as I am editing my procedure.
  • When TAB2 finishes running, nothing happens. there is a few seconds , while I am in TAB1 where my mouse changes to show it is loading something and when its done I still remain there.

These are the steps I have taken to test this.
the Only time i get taken to the spool tab is when i have the preference on.

Are these the steps you take as well?

It might be worth giving me you preferences to test with. Go to View\preferences and select save. Attach the .pref file to the post and i will try it.



Ok, I think we are doing different things.

Try this:

  • in Tab1 start a long running query
  • change to tab 2
  • When tab1 completes, Nav automatically switches to tab1
  • click on tab2 it will be on the spool page.

Note, my preference is to not have the spool come to the front.

If you cannot duplicate after trying this, let me know and I’ll send you my preferences.


Hi Joe

Yes please go ahead and give me your preferences, I’m still not able to reproduce your issue.



joethejet.pref (61 KB)


HI Joe

Unfortunateley I am not able to reproduce your issue with the profile you have provided.
I have asked others in the team to also try but no one is able to see the issue you describe.

Can we try to clean our registry and profile settings to see if it still happens?
The only thing I can conclude at the moment is that there is some setting in the profile or settings that is causing this.

We can just rename everything and then you can restore it all in the end if you wish.

1- First you need to close SQL Navigator 7.0 beta down.
2- Then we will rename the profile data.
Go to : C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.0.0 Beta
Rename SQL Navigator 7.0.0 Beta to something else.
3- Next we will rename the registry
go into regedit:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.0.0 Beta
Rename SQL Navigator 7.0.0 Beta to something else.
4- Finally start SQL Navigator again.
Select Cancel when prompted to Import User Profile Settings
5- Log into your database and check to see if you can reproduce your issue again.
6- If you wish to restore you old settings shutdown SQL Nav and delete the new profile and registry file and rename the old ones back to what hey were.

And finally let me know what the result is.



i don’t have time to deal with this. Sorry.

It happens every single time for me, but it’s not that big of a deal. I’m very surprised you can’t duplicate.

If it’s just me then it’s probably not important to worry about. :frowning:

One last thought, do you have dbms_output on? I know in the past there ahve been issues you guys couldn’t duplicate until you pushed that button.