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Checkin comment error


I just checked in a package and was surprised it wasn’t checkin. After looking I saw there was an error, and it came throught the comment I put for checkin. In the comment I put double quotes (") and with these double quotes the git command went wrong seeing some of my comment as the path. Comment was something simple like: test “tekst” test.

I wanted to make something clear in the comment. Using latest beta

Herald ten Dam

Hey Herald,

I would turn on the “Show VCS command output window” and “VCS Debug logging” in order to capture the exact command being issued. Then, test that command to see if it works outside of Toad using the Git command line client.

I just tried to reproduce what you were seeing locally, but the command executed normally without an error. Git simply removed the quotations. The command I used was:

Request: git.exe commit -m “This is a comment with “quotation” marks” “TKDSCHOOL/ORA12CASM_JBTC/TKD_SCHOOL/FUNCTION/TKD_SCHOOL.DELETEME.FNC”

And the response I got was:



commit 7c9942c2a064683dd4aeeceeff9746c68e3e5339

Author: user

Date: 1462804007 -0400

This is a comment with quotation marks



i get:

git.exe commit -m “check " test met” comment" “path/package.PKS”

Response: pathspec ‘met comment’ did not match any file(s) known to git

So it looks like it is the same as you have but with different response. If i put a backslash () in front of the quotatoin marks it works on the command line.


PS not using quotation marks will work for me :wink: