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Checking for High Availability Primary Replica to use in Alarm Actions

I have a two node SQL Server 2012 High Availability Cluster. I need to check to see which node is the Primary replica so I can configure certain Alarm Actions to only fire if the node is the Primary Replica. For example, log backups only occur on the current Primary Replica so I constantly get alarms from the Secondary that the databases’ logs are not being backed up.

Paul, what you’re describing about log backup alarm is a product change for future release of Spotlight that you can read more about here.

As for which nodes these databases belong to, this has to be determined and changed inside Spotlight background scripts (C:\Program Files\Dell\Diagnostic Server\Agent\conf\Package\sqlserver_spotlight\2012\QS_Databases.sql) in order to exclude databases involved in AG. This is part of the redesign of these alarms scheduled for future version of Spotlight.

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