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Clear messages before executing script - Fix in 6.5 please?

Any chance you’re going to fix the Options --> Editor --> Tools --> Clear messages before executing script to actually work when executing a PORTION of a script such as when pressing F9 to execute the SQL under the cursor or when highlighting a portion of the script and press F5?

Currently that option only works if executing the ENTIRE script with NO PART of the script highlighted at all. Since 99.99999% of my script executions are a particular statement within the script, and not the entire contents of the .sql file, I would really appreciate this being fixed.

I’m constantly wasting time either looking at errors that I’ve already dealt with, or manually clicking the big red “X” button on the Messages tab of results to clear the errors before running the script.

Either way this would save me (and no doubt other users) a bunch of time if it could be fixed.

Hi Darren,

Thanks for you suggestions,I understand your trouble.

I have create an bug (TSS-284) for this ,we will fix it soon.