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Click in result set now always displays the "To fetch this data..." message


In previous versions of Toad, if I run a query that includes “LOBs” for example: image or binary(max) type fields, those fields just don’t get included by default, but I could click in the recordset, select fields that are not LOBs and work away.

In the old release, if I happened to click in one of those fields, THEN I would get a message asking if I wanted to retrieve them… or if copying the entire row I would get that message which was appropriate.

On the current beta, I now get this prompt EVERY TIME I click ANYWHERE in the result set and it is very annoying. Can we have it back the old way where it only displays the prompt when required?

Having to click “No” every time this message comes up is hurting my productivity. And just checking the box to not display the message again isn’t a solution because sometimes I do need to see the data in one of those fields and would want to be able to answer yes. I just don’t want it appearing all the time.

Toad LOB.jpeg