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Clob data deletes when updating row data in the editor


Turn Updateable (ON),
Run select statement
Double click to edit any field.
Click Commit to Database

CLOB data is deleted.


Any ideas?


I’d think this is a bug. A nasty one, too. And reproducible in 6.1 beta.

BTW: I always wondered why it is possible to display LONG data inline (Preferences->Code Editor->SQL Scripts->Display LONG columns), but this does not seem to be possible for CLOB data.


Nice catch, tgini. Thanks for finding it.


Definitely a nice catch. We will fix this ASAP.



Thanks all. Just as a side note. It appears that if you go into the clob field and do a copy then paste of the data before you commit, it will then keep the data.

I look forward to a quick fix. :slight_smile: