CLOB Viewer shows only 1/2 data on multi-byte databases

SqlNavigator v5.5.
Oracle 10g, nls_characterset = AL32UTF8, nls_nchar_characterset=AL16UTF16.

(Multi-byte character set database).

The clob pop-up viewer only shows about 1/2 of the text in any clob. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a 200 character clob or a 5000 character, it only shows about half the text.

I suspect that your viewer is not taking into account the fact that characters != bytes in a multi-byte character database.

I’m working on a system that needs text in 4 languages, so this is a critical fix.

Additional info.

If I “Open” the table, the clob viewer on the data table works correctly.

But if I quick browse the table the clob viewer only shows 1/2 the data. Ditto for the clob viewer on the results of a manually entered query.

Hi David, Could you please install the lastest 6.0 beta build and confirm if you can still reproduce the error? Please follow the information found in the link below:

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