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Close Sessions


I sure hope you fix the session problem (I’ve seen in another thread) in the next beta, it takes me over a minute to connect to a new session, and about the same amount of time to switch tabs between sessions.

This message is about closing a session. After you close the last tab in a session, a dialog box asks if you want to close the session. If you anwer yes, the session is still in the session drop-down (see attached). I can just change to a session on the current tab and it works as if I never closed the session.

This is even happening with the old SQL Editor where it used to work.




Hi Charlie,

I’ve logged a CR for the ‘close session’ issue.
Definitely not closing as you would expect!!

As for the switching session delays… yes it is an issue… and there is a CR raised for this. I remember logging one myself, earlier in the UE testing (before the beta was released).



watch 8th point in this thread:
Roman explained this situation :wink:


Thanks Piter,

Good example of how issues can be overlooked when there are so many listed in the one thread!!

Thanks for your keen eye Piter



Ok Jaime,
Next time i will create seperate threads for each issue :wink: Looks like this method is better!