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Close Tabs


I like the ‘x’ in the tabs across the top, however, in the output windows not so much. I will leave this to the community’s opinion, but I will sometimes run 2 queries to compare data and I will be looking at the data and switching tabs to compare (I am sure there is a better way but for brute force and quickness this is how I do it). When doing this I keep closing one of the tabs. Not surprisingly it is usually the left one I am switching back to. Again if the community would prefer they stay then I will learn to live with it…



Hi Dale

We received many requests from our users to display the ‘x’ like Internet Explorer and other browsers, so we will like to keep the X on the tabs.

However, I wonder if it will help you if we make the TAB a little wider so you have more realestate and less likeley to accidently close them?



Hi Dale

We made some changes in this area based on your post.
As I mentioned previously we have made the tab a little wider to give more realestate to avoid accidental closures.
What we have also done is only display the x for the current active TAB.
The functionality is similar to what you see in Internet Explorer.

This will be in the next beta release later in the month.