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Cobol Optimization



Some Cobol’s that I use to optimize have Include Files or Copy Books that reference other cobols.

Do I need to add all dependent Cobol’s into the source code area, or will the Optimizer be smart enough to look at a single Cobol and automatically search/call dependent cobols for sql embedded there.

Please let me know if this is not clear and you need further information.

This is for our customer site TRINET.

Thank you.



You must add each file to the Batch Optimizer and the SQL Scanner modules when you are using source code files. If you add database objects, there is a option to “Include Dependents” but this functionality is not available for source code files.

Also, notice that in the Source Code page of the Add Jobs wizard, there is a special option for COBOL files. It is best to select this option as the program has some special handling for COBOL files. You can find more information about this in the Help under SQL Scanner | SQL Conversions | COBOL Conversion.