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Code Assist still not working properly with Top N


I’ve attached a screenshot of what I mean. If I type the following code into Toad and replace bring up code assist to suggest fields instead of ‘*’ I get a list of fields.

Select * from MyTable

However, if I type the following and try to replace the ‘*’ like I did in the attached screenshot:

Select top 1000 * from MyTable

I get a list of tables, not fields. This causes to fiddle with the code when I’m developing because I either hammer the database with full extracts and use code assist or be responsible and not use code assist. Basically I end up putting ‘top 1000’ on it’s own line and then commenting/un-commenting the line as necessary to make it work.

Is there a CR for this?



Hi David,

Thank you very much for your report.

It’s really bug with how CC works with fully qualified objects in this case.

Actually your described issue appears when use object name as [schema].[object] only. It isn’t reproduced when use object name without schema.

I’ve created CR 110127 to fix it.

regards, Julia.