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Code Complete Issue??

What are the intentions of your code complete search?. By the screen shot below,
it looks like you are searching for fields by using “contains”
instead of “starts with” as both contain what I was looking for
“cmp_id”? Is that a correct assumption?

If you intention is to search by “contains” then this is not an
issue. If you are intending to use “starts with” then this is not

But either way, the blue highlighting you have below is not correct. I am going
to assuming that you would have either “c.cmp_id” highlighted or
“cmp_id” highlighted. But you have “c.cmp_” and
cmp” which does not make sense as that is not what I have typed.




My 2 cents: I like it working as a contains. It’s been great for finding
objects when I’m not 100% sure of how it starts.


Hello, Matthew!

Thanks for your report.
It’s actually the regression bug. Filtering in the Code Completion items list means searching for objects that “contain” the request.
In TSS 5.6 it worked normally.

I have created CR # 98611.

Best regards,
Julia Ponomareva

Hello, Matthew!

We have created TSS-327,will fix it soon,Thx!