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Code Complete Naming Convention


OK, I start typing a query and I get to where I want code complete to give me a
list of objects.

Having the database and the owner displaying in the list makes it more difficult
to find the object you want (in this case table names). Your eyes are naturally
drawn to the very left of any list and then you have to scan over to where the
fields start before you can start scanning down for the table you want. In this
example, I know what the database and owner are as I just typed them so if I
could only see the children object of the code I just typed, that would be

It would really make it easier to see the object if you did not have to read
thru the parents of the object. Maybe an option where you could show or not show

Also, is it possible that this list box could be resizable by the owner and have
that size stay for the length that Toad is open or until you resize the list box
again? That would be great.

Thanks for listening.