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Code Complete


So far, I like how fast and snappy the code complete works.

A couple of observations. When I type a few characters (in this case “mer”), is
the list supposed to be filtered down to anything that starts with “mer”? It
would eliminate a lot of unneeded objects if it did.

Like this:

Also, if you look at the first screen shot, you will notice this?

If I leave Toad in the first screen shot like this and go to a different app
(Alt+Tab), this will stay on top of everything I switch to even though Toad
does not have the focus. This should only be visible when Toad has the focus.

Should reserved words be populating in the Code Complete? Like this?

Is there any code completion in the works for stuff like this:

I type " INSERT INTO MercuryGateNCR.dbo.Ev " and then press Tab to select

And it enters this text which tell you what fields are expected, the data type,
ready to go? This could be expanded for other queries as well like updates,
deletes, stored procedures, etc.

The code complete appears to be working much better…thanks a bunch.