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I am trying to type this code:


SET @CompanyID = ‘majvil’


FROM AR_LIVE.dbo.company_xref AS x

WHERE x.cmp_id = @CompanyID

I start by typing “DECLARE” and nothing shows up in a drop-down
list, it should display “DECLARE” as an option as I start to type
the word “DECLARE” and when it does, I should be able to select it
and have code complete format it as all upper case (or the format I set up
somewhere in Toad). It does highlight “declare” blue as a reserved
word so it knows the word.

Then after I type “DECLARE @CompanyID” and enter a space, code
complete should at least pop up a list to select “AS” and format it
to the case of my choice.

Then when you type a space after the “AS”, a list of field types
should pop up.

Then when I type “VARCHAR(“ I get this… This makes no sense. Why
would I want a data type for the field length of a varchar?



Thanks for you suggestion,

We created TSS-323 for this issue,we will fix it soon.