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Code completion quite often does not work


Great product. I am using the Toad For Sybase - Freeware.

For me, the main reason why I use this tool over ex Squirrel, is that I have code formatting, and Favorite Snippets where I can add my own statements that I use alot.

However, one of the things that is crucial to my work, is code completion.

I write and expect the column names of the table to pop up. Sometimes it does and that’s great - but unfortunately most of the times it does not. Is there something I can do so that the columns pop up on a regular basis?


Hello Olona,

Glad you enjoy the product.

You can change the code completion settings under Tools -> Options -> Editor -> Code Completion.

You can also force the code completion to come up in the editor by pressing CTRL + “.”

Please let me know if that helps.


Yes, I have tried both of these things.

Sometimes they pop up, but more often than not, the code completion (table columns) does not appear. It looks like its thinking for a split second, then nothing happens.

Could potentially be a problem when I use an alias for the table name?

Hello Olona,

We have been working on the the code completion function. Hopefully it you will find it easier to use in the the next 1.3 beta version.


Thank you, and crossing my fingers :slight_smile: