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Code Coverage Again :o)



I am having trouble generating a code coverage report, our configuration is as follows

version :
Test Schema : CODE_TEST (contains Q##)
proftab.sql is installed in CODE_TEST

When I run one of our tests with ‘Gather code coverage data’ checked, the PLSQL_PROFILER_… tables are populated correctly, however when I run a code coverage report, I get the report below.

I have tracked the problem to being the ‘has_code_coverage_data’ boolean being false, but population of the data that this boolean is based on is in qu_test_caseg_xp.et_coverage_data, which is wrapped, so I have reached a dead end. Any help is appreciated.

Report requested: Code Coverage - Basic
For schema: CODE_TEST

Created on 2009 07 31 16:58:12
Requested by CODE_TEST

Code Coverage Analysis for FEE_OWNER.PKG_FEE (SUCCESS)

No code coverage/profile data exists for FEE_OWNER.PKG_FEE.

Quest Code Tester for Oracle
Quest Software,



I am very sorry about this. It is a manifestation of a more general report bug (64363) in the 1.8.3 release. It is fixed in 1.8.4, which is going through final testing now.

I just verified this by installing the 1.8.4 qu_reports package in the 1.8.3 schema, reran my report (was empty) and now has data.

You should be able to verify this yourself with the 1.8.4 beta, downloadable from the community.

If you would like, we can provide this reports package to you as a patch - if so, please set up a ticket with Quest Support.



Thanks for the quick reply.

We have just started using quest tester, so it is not a huge problem for us right now. We will grab 1.8.4 when it is in its release form.