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Code coverage of tests not run from Code Tester


I have a set of tests which execute PL/SQL code. These tests are executed outside of Code Tester. Can Code Tester work out the code coverage for these tests, even though Code Tester did not execute them?


Code Tester does not have special feature for code coverage analysis “only”. This type of analysis is an integral part of Code Tester running process. So the only way to use Code Tester for code coverage investigations is to create “native” test definition in Code Tester repository, generate test code and run it.


Thanks for your reply. It seems a pity that Code Tester can’t do this, since not all our tests can be run as “native” tests in Code Tester.


Hello Dave, I am keen to understand how are you executing the QCT tests outside code tester. Is it via command line interface. I have been trying the same for quite some time however haven’t had any success. Could you please advise?