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Code Coverage Reports


I’ve been digging around and found some older posts from last year asking about requirements for a code coverage report. I agree with your assertion that a report should boil down to a simple number for lines covered.

swanlake seemed to have a valuable suggestion for determining which lines are executable in reply to your blog.

  1. Is there any chance of getting this worked into the 1.8.3 build?
  2. at a bare minimum (and I would greatly prefer 1 above) could get get the plsql_profiler_runs.runid or plsql_profiler_runs.run_comment within the report so we could provide this report outselves?

Optional 3rd request :slight_smile:
Could we get some identifier in PLSQL_PROFILER_RUNS.RUN_COMMENT1 (guid?) that would pull a suite together? Right now it has a different run-id for each test run, it would be nice to be able to tie it all toegher without guessing.


Sorry, there is no chance of getting this into 1.8.3, but we should be able to get it into the next version. I will look to see if I can change the report, though I am not sure I understand how that will help. Could you clarify?

I will also follow up with the SQL Navigator team.



I am looking to provide the single numeric coverage metric myself in a report that is easily accessible to non-technical people if they know the “report id”. I think it makes the most sense to just provide a GUID for the entire suite run ala the 3rd optional request. The more I think about my second request, the more it seems like it would make the report retrieve too cumbersome.

Did that clear it up?