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We are using UTPLSQL for XML interface, in this case we are not calling package directly but we are invoking URL and using out put obtained for Automated testing. A package having WEB plsql code is being called through an URL instead of direct calling with the help of plsql and after invocation required response is been tested. When an URL is fired, a request goes to server and server calls the package specified in the URL there by executing the code and giving the required response to a caller of an URL. Please let us know how we can find out code coverage facility in this case in Quest Code Tester. It will be a big helpful if any solution is available related to this.

Thanks in advance.


First, just to make sure there is no confusion: Code Tester does not use utPLSQL, though you can run utPLSQL tests through the CT UI.

Code Tester allows you to request gathering of code coverage data when you run a test. You then run the Code Coverage report and it shows you the lines which were executed.



Thanks Steven