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To be able to collapse all the code (maybe even a preference to have it by default or no).

To be able to jump to the last line of the current procedure/function in the package. One workaround is to not use to name the end statements so the formatter will warn about that in the end and the collapse doesn’t close that.
Suggestion :not to collapse the last end of the section

Code Explorer to highlight the current procedure/function on the package.

By current procedure/function on the package I mean the procedure/function that has the selected line

Filipe Silva


Hi Filipe,

You can collapse all the code by clicking on the square next to the first line of an object.

Would you mind providing a use case for this request? I check a couple of applications like toad, Visual Studio and the behaviour of code collapsing is the same. You can use Ctrl+G to move among the code and you can also turn on the preference to display line number.

Code Explorer does highlight the current procedure/function on the package. Please see attachment.



In addition, the name of the current procedure is always displayed in the Entry combo box on the toolbar. You can use this combo box to navigate to a particular procedure within your package.

Finally, there’s Outline panel in the Toolbox that shows the structure of your code and helps you navigate. It also displays the current procedure in bold.



Like in 6.0 sometimes the code explorer doesn’t show all the procedures/function (first level) I have in a package.

next time I got that i will make a printscreen


thanks for pointing to the combo …I will use it.

Any way to got to the last line of a procedure/function?

Any way to collapse all the code (soo I could open then one at time the code portion I need)?


Hi Sliva,

Outline pane in the Toolbox displays code breakdown for the current object. If you expand a proc/func and double click on the END keyword, it will take the cursor to the last line of that proc/func. (see attachment).

We don’t have any function to collapse all the proc/func in a package.