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Code Editor Toolbar Buttons


Hi All – I’m using the new 1901 build of the 6.4 beta and haven’t hit any issues yet, but I noticed there is at least 1 new button that shows up on the code editor toolbar when querying data. It then occurred to me that I don’t actually know what some of these buttons do despite having used SQLNav for years. On my machine, no matter how long I hover over the button, no tool tip pops-up and I haven’t found where, if anywhere, it is buried in the help or is a toggle in preferences.

So in the image which hopefully shows up with this message, can someone take a shot at listing in order what each button is? I know some of them, but not all. For example, what is the button with the a - ab? For the benefit of the other readers, if you could run through them from left to right that would be great (or point me to where in the help the magic list is hiding.)

Thanks much!



hi there

Not sure why you cant see the tooltips, I can definiteley see them. Have you tried restarting SQL Nav?

As for the help on the buttons, there is a help topic called ‘Code Editor toolbar commands’

However this wont help you as pics of the buttons are not there, only button name, along with description.

I’ll put something together for you today.



Hi Mark,

The new button is obviously Echo SQL, which controls whether SQL statements themselves are directed to Spool.



Hi Again

I put this together for you quickly.
It has the name and descriptions from the help and I have added a picture of each icon for you.

Hope it helps

Code Editor toolbar commands.docx (36.2 KB)


That is superb Lidia! Thank you. I had discovered the same thing in the help that it listed the commands, but not what buttons they linked to. The doc you put together is great. Thanks again.


And, just in case, anyone else runs into this – Apparently, my tooltips were actually disabled in SQL Navigator:

  1. Right click by one of the toobars and choose customize
  2. Go to the options tab
  3. The option to Show ToolTips on toolbars is there


Interestingly, my change to the tooltips works while in that session, but the next time I open up SQLNav, the tooltips are back to off again. Same thing happens in the 6.3 release. No biggy, but seems odd.

6.4 beta 1901
Windows 7 Home Prem 64 bit
Oracle 11gR2 DB client (32 bit)