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Code explorer & Outline?


Hi All,

We would like to ask for your input in the area of Toolbox of the code editor.

We currently have 2 tree view of your code presentations: code explorer and outline as attached images.

The code explore provides a graphical presentation and soring variables and procedures by name.

The outline provides the actual order of objects and procedures as defined in your source. The outline has been added since v6.0

Much appreciated if you could let us know:

  • Wherethere you use the outline with your daily work at all?
  • Would you have any objection if the Outline to be removed from the Toolbox area?

We would like to simplify and clean out the tool box area. Less might be better in this case?

We are looking forward to your inputs.

Thanks and regards,





I mainly use the code explorer, as it provides a more “logical” view of the contents of - e.g. - a package. Outline, for me, has the advantage of showing the actual order of procedures/functions, but this feature is handy only when viewing packages that are relatively “small”, a state they normally outgrow quite quickly…

Summary: it would not be a big problem for me if the outline were to be removed from the toolbox area.



I use Ouline all the time:

  • getting to the begin line of a procedure/function that has a big declaration (including internal functions and procedures)
  • figuring out the relation of a “else”

I do not use the describe, dependencies and columns…

Maybe it would be nice to have an option for the order of the “tool elements”

I would use this order DB Explorer, Code Explorer, Outline, History


PS: do not forget that in the current build the is a problem with outline that I reported in (

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Once again, I have to agree with Filipe. I like the outline view in that it is in the proper order, but I think it would be doable to combine the two views and maybe make the columns clickable. Take the look of the code explorere and split it into two columns. It sorts in order of placement in you click column 1 above the f(x)… and it sorts alphabetical if you click the names column. Just an idea.

I also don’t use the describe, dependencies, or columns list, but would love to be able to re-order the others.


Many thanks everyone for your prompt input.

We will look into this are and will keep you posted in the future on proposed changes.

Thanks and regards,


Sorry, I have been away for awhile. We generally use the drop down at the top to find the procedure we may be looking for even above code explorer. I see the use for both, but what I don’t understand is if you don’t want outline the go to the >> configure button at the bottom, select add or remove buttons and click outline if you don’t want to see it. I do not use describe either but I removed it, it isn’t even visible. Again sorry for the late response, and if I have missed the point of this thread sorry about that.