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Code Explorer request



For a future version, I think, it would be usefull to have in Code explorer “mouse” menu an option to jump to the spec/body of the function/procedure selected (according to the tab selected being the spec/body of a package and you have permission to the body source).

What do you think?



Did you mean a right-click menu item that works like CTRL+Shift+up/down arrow shortcuts?


Hi Filipe,

Double-clicking an item in Code Explorer tree locates the definition in the source code and sets the cursor to it. Isn’t it what you want?



Hi Roman

I know that feature, but what I have is:
a package in several procedure/functions (code explorer doesn’t show all of then at the same time, needs up and down) …
I am editing the Spec and then I what to go to that same procedure/function in the body (spec normally has less definitions than the body)
I have to change to the body tab and then to find in the code explorer the procedure/function.
It would be easier if I could in the code explorer in the spec, find the bold function/procedure (the selected on): right click (if right-handed mouse :-)) and in that menu have and option to jump to definition in the body

did you understand the explanation?



Yes Gwen!

you are right!

Another thing you I learned from you! (I didn’ knew those shortcuts!, great!)




Thanks. CTL-SHIFT-Down is great!


Glad it works for you guys. I will still raise an enhancement request to have these in the right-click menu though.