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Code Explorer shouldn't be case-sensitive

I noticed that in the latest Beta 3883 the procedure names in Code Explorer are all UPPERCASE.
I don’t mind them being uppercase (though I don’t see the point of it).
But the name search by letters I type on keyboard when standing in the Code Explorer tree shouldn’t be case-sensitive.

I often try to find my procedure in the tree by typing first letters on keyboard and if the cursor doesn’t jump to any procedure of that name, I have 2 options - either there really isn’t a procedure by that name OR I have forgotten to disable CAPS LOCK.
Well it would be great if I could exclude the 2. option and never think about it again :slight_smile:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your feedback, we have created a new defect (SQLNAV-1826) to it, and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks and regards.


Hi Martin,

It is a good pickup of this bug. I have fixed the keyboard selecting issue by ignoring cases on key matching. Procedure names being uppercase is a side effect
here when we fixed another issue. I would like to keep it uppercase for the point of: SQL Navigator tries to display the right form of the object as what it is stored in database dictionary views. We started to convert the displaying of normal object names
in UPPERCASE in past releases but there are still some missing.

Anyway, SQLNAV-1826 is fixed and the beta will be replaced again soonJ .
I will get you a note.




I was just viewing a package in an .sql file so that might be the case when you could really show the real case of the text - as it is in the .sql file (no validating with metadata). But it doesn’t matter.

Thanks for the fix.