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Code Snippits


Since 2.7, the code snippets pane only displays the snippets pertaining to the
type of database you have open. I actually have snippets in my DB2 folder that I
leverage in Oracle.

Any way to restore the snippet view to display all snippets?


Currently there isn’t. If you noticed there should be a share folder that
appears in the code snippets tree. When all connections are closed, all the
snippets will be shown and you could temporarily copy the snippets you use to
the share folder until we decide on how to handle showing all the snippets: menu
item, option etc… The shared folder is displayed for all connections.
Probably won’t make it in the next beta , though.




I rather like not showing all the snippets, but just the ones that pertain to
the current connection. If you move your common snippets to the shared folder is
this suitable? I’m not sure I want to add an option to show all snippets
or not.



We can add a right click menu to request to show all snippets.