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Code Template window not resizing

When code template window is displayed with a reduced size (selection already narrowed) and the the selection is expanded by deleting letters, the window size is not increased.

The following code templates exist:

  • test
  • te1
  • te2

Type “tes” and open code templates. Only “test” is suggested, the size of the window allows to display that single item.

Press backspace, so now you have “te”. You can navigate between the three templates now using cursor keys, but only one is displayed at a time.

I think the window should either increase its size when the number of elements grows, or you could always display it with the full size even when there are only few elements to display.

Can you reproduce this?

The Code Template window is always showing for me at a fixed, large size. It is not resizeable and isn’t automatically resizing.

I open it with CTRL+Space and start typing some letters. The list filters, but the size remains the same.

It is not resized after it has been shown, but it is displayed with a smaller size if the initial list is small (also note that the alias is too large for the window).

Now I delete a letter and the list gets longer, but the window size stays the same:

I can now navigate the list using arrow up/down.

I see what you mean, it has been logged.