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Code Tester beta now available


We have published a beta version of Code Tester 2.0.1, which includes the following fixes and enhancements. Download the beta by clicking on the Beta link.

Selecting Generated Test Code (82498)
An access violation occurred when selecting the all generated test code.

Viewing Grants (82497)
Grants were missing on the qu_result_full_value table for the specified (private) schema.

Foreign Keys
Missing foreign keys added.(82447)

New Argument Function (82211)
The “do not propagate” arguments function can now be added with test editor.

Enhancement in XML (81624)
Export FilesEmbedded CDATA segments are now included in the XML export file.

Copying Test Cases (81318)
Copying test cases to unit tests did not work properly.

Drag and Drop Feature (81260)
Reworked and verified the drag-and-drop option on the test tree.

Expanding and Collapsing in Code Tester Windows (81223)
Verified that expand all , expand, and collapse were present at every level of the Tests, Suites, and Programs trees.

Unicode Character (81161)
Unicode character import from XML 1.9 was not preserved in XML 2.0.

Access Violation (81016)
Access violation occurred when selecting multiple test definitions and clicking generate test code.

Preferences Window (80324)
When selecting “Do not show Quest Code Tester objects in browser/lookups” in the Preference window, the Code Tester tables still displayed. This issue has been fixed.

Customize Test Button (78465)
When clicking the Customize Test button, an access violation was generated.

Duplication of qu_result Primary Key Value (75707)
When the same suite appeared as a child more than once, an error occurred due to duplication of the qu_result primary key value.

Autosaved Group Cleanup (74073)
Added a way to cleanup autosaved groups (suites).