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Code Tester 2.0 final beta available for download


We are pleased to announce availability of the final beta release (build 575) of Code Tester version 2. We currently plan to release Code Tester 2.0 in January 2011. This is a feature-complete beta; while the Help documentation is still being finished up, all features present in this build will be available in the production release of Code Tester 2.0.

Key features of Code Tester 2.0:

·         Redesigned main window: the Dashboard is replaced by a new console window that offers much greater usability and functionality. You can now run tests, activate and deactivate unit tests and test cases, and much more without opening the Test Editor.

·         Powerful suite management: you can now define nested suites and set up test workflow with branching logic.

·         Multiple test definitions per program unit: you can now create more than one test definition for the same program unit. This makes it easier for multiple developers to build and run tests for the same program unit.

Please download (click on Beta in the Downloads section on the left) and try out the beta release. We look forward to your feedback on the new features listed above.

All enhancement requests will be considered for implementation in release 2.1. Critical bugs will be addressed for the 2.0 release.



this might not be the right place for questions about the beta but I don’t know where else to fit this.

How do I add a test definition to an existing suite?
I have the option to “save as suite” but this creates a new suite. I found out that I could do this via drag&drop (switching from the test to the suite window by hovering) but I this seems a bit awkward. I would prefer to have a context menu option “Add to existing Suite”.

Beside that I LOVE the new layout. Especially the drill down tree on the top level window and the option to have multiple test defintions for a program unit. I’m sure concurrent work on test definitions happens more often than one might expect.
Waiting eagerly for the final version…

Kind Regards

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Thank you for your feedback. We created an enhancement request for our next version.