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Code Tester and Continous Integration


Hi all,
on my team we’re currently in the process of automating all our product builds (Java, PL/SQL, Forms and so on) using CruiseControl and Ant scripts.

We have been doing some work with getting Code Tester into this process and have some enhancement requests. Currently, we have a small Ant script which logs into the database, runs our test suites and produces XML report in JUnit format (since CruiseControl can read this format out-of-the-box). This works fairly well, but the problem is that since all suites are run at once (in one session) we cannot easily present the result since the JUnit XML report format is one test suite per file. Splitting the output from the Ant task into multiple XML-files is not something we would like code by hand… We would also not like to build the XML files in PL/SQL and output them from the database, since that would introduce some extra configuration steps.

My question is if Quest has any plans to e.g. develop an Ant task to run Code Tester and produce the result? We are thinking about either develop such a task ourselves, our simply generate a JUnit test class for each Code Tester test suite and run them as regular JUnit tests. This would make it possible to use all the great frameworks out there for presenting and analyzing the test results.

Your feedback is appreciated.




We do not currently have plans to write Ant tasks that you could easily integrate into your environment. I would be happy to add this to our ER list, but honestly I think it will be a while before you see this.

If you do produce such a thing, or a generate to produce Junit test classes for Code Tester suites, it would be great if you could share them on the forum.

A question for you: do you work with suites for all your testing? That is, when you run your ant tasks, you always run suites of test definitions?

And is there suite-related functionality you feel we should add to Code Tester?

Thanks, SF


Hi Steven,
Currently we are only running test suites, but we do not have a requirement that this should always be the case - it only seemed the easiest thing to do since it maps quite easily to JUnit’s concept of test suites.

Right now it looks like we will probably go for the code generation option, i.e. generate Java code with JUnit test cases for each test suite defined in Code Tester. Since we are using JUnit 4 this should be pretty straightforward. I would be happy to post this code once it is complete (which may take a little while since all developers involved are currently on vacation ).

I think I discussed the test suite functionality with you before and unless the behaviour has changed in the latest edition of Code Tester, I still feel that it would be very useful if test suites could be assembled on a method level instead of only package level.



Thanks for sharing!

I will make sure your request is added (suites with individual programs or subsets of packages).