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Code Tester and Nightly Batch


Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place.

I had a chance to look at the product at ODTUG 2007 (Daytona Beach) and participated in the usability test done by Steven and Quest.
I like the product at the time but my previous employer was not interested.

My new employer wants to take it for a spin.

My question is then related to the subject of the thread.
Is it possible to have nightly builds running the tests in Code Tester?
How can that be accomplished?

Also, I read here that CT cannot execute procedures in a remote database.
How about running stored Java procedures?

Now suppose that some of these Java procedures execute code in a remote database and return a code, can CT interact with these?




Good new: you will find Code Tester a vastly improved product this time around. And we will be releasing 1.8.3 in the first week of June, so I would get started with that one.

As for your questions:

  1. You certainly can run tests as part of a nightly build. You can run tests via the backend PL/SQL API or through the command line execution of the front end. This is explained in the help doc.

  2. Code Tester today allows you to build tests on stored PL/SQL program units defined in the database instance to which you are connected. You cannot build a test definition for a remote procedure, unless you build a wrapper over it in the current instance. Same with Java procedures in the DB. Build a wrapper and test the wrapper.

Bottom line: YOUR code can run remote procedures, you just can’t directly test them in Code Tester.

Hope that helps…



Thanks Steven.
I’m looking forward to trying the new version then.